The company

Bébé Concierge is Consulting & Services Agency for parents-to-be & new parents.

As its name suggests, Bébé Concierge is based on the joined concepts of Baby Planner and of Concierge:

  1. A Baby planner supports partents-to-be and new parents with concrete advice for any non-medical question around the birth theme. It is called perinatal care and this is our speciality.
  2. Like a multi-starred hotel Concierge, we listen to you to provide you a premium personalised service.

We offer to support you and walk you through evry step in Paris, and coming soon in Marseille and Strasbourg.

Our unique concept

Bébé Concierge is THE 1st agency to highlight its position of Concierge.

1- Our definition of concierge is:

  • a person (it may sound obvious, but you talk to a real person, not a brand or an impersonal company)
  • who can do everything (various demands, availability, without judgment or censure, with guaranteed confidentiality)
  • who finds solutions to each of your needs
  • so who is customisation-oriented
  • who loves being helpful
  • who shares its large address book of qualified contacts with their network of experts
  • above all treating each customer like a V.I.P. and your baby like a real V.I.B. (Very Important Baby)

2- Our range of services has the distinction of providing total solutions for parents-to-be & new parents:

  • Complete offer: we offer  in addtion to babyplanner classic services (Consulting, Organisation, Shopping) the "Administrative Assistance" service (especially for the Childcare Service) and "Emergey" service to manage the unexpected
  • Focused offer: we focus on six types of services to avoid dividing our attention. Our motto: focus on quality rather than quantity
  • Flexible offer: we let you choose a one-time or long-term support. You can use various types of services. There is no strict compartmentalisation. Our service is 100% tailor-made.

3- We follow a unique commitment to quality. We guarantee your confidentiality in our discussions, the objectivity of our advice and the customisation of the proposed solutions. For more details, see our quality charter.

These are the little benefits that make the difference.

Our values ​​                                                                 Our personality


Our ambition

To promote our babyplanner profession and democratise the access to these services. It is like weddings planners, they were little known in France ten years ago. Now the profession is well recognised. More and more couples rely on this support for a unique experience of their lives.

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